Empowering Academic Growth: Skill Development Program for School-Age Children in the Community of TSEZ

  • Press Release
February 2024, 05

As the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for school-age children, the Community Relations Department of MJTD, on behalf of TSEZ Locators, organized and bolstered the Empowering Academic Growth - Skill Development Program on February 2 and 5 at TSEZ Neighboring Community.

The purpose of the program was to enhance overall comprehension of distinct fundamental colours through hands-on activities involving the tasting of the fruits. This was achieved by emphasizing visual memory, memorization, fine motor abilities, the development of children’s cognitive abilities, and an integrated sense of taste.

On February 2nd, the skill development activity was facilitated for a total of 146 students, including kindergarten and grade-1 students from two primary schools in the nearby Thilawa SEZ of Ah Lwan Suk Village and Aye Mya Thida (Pha Lan) Ward. The Community Relations Department spearheaded the event, with participation from volunteers from MJTD and locators Kianjoo Can Myanmar Co., Ltd, Boxpak Myanmar Co., Ltd, and Indorama Ventures Packaging Myanmar Ltd, providing support and actively engaging with the children throughout the entire activity.

On February 5th, this activity continued with 125 kindergarten and grade 1 students from three primary schools located in Shwe Pyi Thar Yar Ward joyfully participating in the skill development activity. The Community Relations Department and volunteers from TSEZ locators- Kianjoo Can Myanmar Co., Ltd and Boxpak Myanmar Co., Ltd, wholeheartedly interacted with the children during the activity.

Through this activity, primary school students learned about distinct basic colors by combining seasonal fruits and engaged in a coloring activity involving six fruits, encouraging increased cooperation, communication, social skills, physical handwriting activities, and the sense of taste. The active involvement of primary students thrived, contributing to the success of our skill development activity.

Thilawa SEZ consistently supports the educational development of students in the TSEZ Community. This skill development program marks the first of its kind initiated in primary schools, with plans for expansion in the upcoming academic year as part of our ongoing promotional efforts on education for all students around Thilawa SEZ.

[Community Relations Department]