Investor Guide for Land-Sublease

The locators which have land sublease title shall take the procedures from reservation agreement to commencement of commercial operation in General Flow Chart. After signing on reservation agreement, the locators shall submit Investment permit application to TSMC and set up company in Myanmar. After that, the locators can sign on sublease agreement and 100% payment for land sublease. The locators can proceed all the construction processes and applications with MJTD.

Design Approval

The locators and MJTD shall meet to acknowledge MJTD’s rules of Construction during construction work of TSEZ.

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Design Approval Application for Power Supply

The locators shall discuss with MJTD about design of Power Supply System to comply with rules and regulations of MJTD power System.

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Start of Construction

After getting approval of DAA, the locators shall submit application of Building Permit and Fire & Safety Certificate to TSMC.

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Connection and Usage of Utilities

MJTD provide the service of utilities (water, wastewater discharge Pipeline, rainwater drainage pipeline, telecommunication line and Power line) to the locators in TSEZ.

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Certificate of Completion Inspection

During the construction stage, locators shall invite TSMC for inspection In building works of construction projects.

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