TSEZ supports Rice and Noodles to neighboring communities

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May 2021, 06

Thilawa Special Economic Zone donated 800 packets of rice (20 kg in one packet) and noodle 400 boxes to Shwe Pyi Tar Yar Ward, Shwe Pyouk Village , Aye Mya Thida Ward, and Alun Sut Village on 5th and 6th May 2021 as hardship assistance for communities.

We aim to provide some relief for the community people who are experiencing financial difficulty due to prolonged COVID-19 and unexpected turmoil happen since 1st February.  The donation is covered to 800 households in 4 villages and two relocation sites (Zone A and Zone B PAHs). The total amount of donation for this program costs 11,379,750 MMK.

Thilawa Special Economic Zone’s investors share the same goal that such CSR programs should be engaged with the local community. The total amount of donation by TSEZ, solely for the social welfare sector has so far reached 6,453.66 USD (About 10,000,000 MMK) from April 2020 to March 2021. The TSEZ’s CSR focusing in the sectors of education, social welfare, health care and infrastructure development has contributed to improvement and development of the social lives of neighboring communities around TSEZ.