Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony 2022

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

      With the collaboration of all the investors in TSEZ and Thilawa SEZ Management Committee, the Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony of Thilawa Special Economic Zone was done on 21st October 2022 (Friday) at Moe Kyo Swan Monastery as of the sixth time celebrating the Traditional Buddhist Ceremony of Thilawa SEZ.

    This ceremony was organized by Community Relation Department of MJTD, on behalf of all the investors in TSEZ, with contribution of all investors, MJTD and TSMC. The ceremony was successfully celebrated by attending the Officials and staffs from TSMC, CEO of MJTD and employees, Representatives from some of TSEZ investors and other invited guests. We offered Kathina Main Robe, Accessories Robes and other donations to Resident Monks and Invited Monks at the Moe Kyo Swan Monastery together with offering Lunch for monks and guests. Apart from the main donation by TSEZ family, the additional donations from (25) companies and TSMC/OSSC family were remarkedly received by offering/donating the Padaythabin Trees and Kathina Accessories Robes to the Monastery. The combined total amount for donation in this year ceremony by TSMC, OSSC, Investors and MJTD  is 10,086,700 MMK.  

    The Kathina Robe Offering ceremony has been started since 2017 and this year is the sixth time donation as the annual traditional ceremony of TSEZ and we aim to alternately support to neighboring monasteries around TSEZ year by year.