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As the developer of Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), MJTD is seriously aware of its responsibility towards the local communities, and strive to identify, understand and respond to the concerns of the communities in a timely fashion.

Thilawa Management Committee (TSMC) and Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Limited (MJTD) has jointly launched Thilawa Complaints Management Procedure (TCMP) to receive, investigate and facilitate resolution of stakeholders’ concerns and grievances regarding with TSEZ’s activities.

Main objective of TCMP is to

  • establish a prompt, consistent and respectful mechanism for receiving, investigating and resolving complaints from the community,in a timely manner and by the most appropriate organisation and method
  • ensure proper documentation of complaints and any corrective actions taken;
  • contribute to continuous improvement in performance through the analysis of trends and lessons learned;
  • identify and monitor stakeholder concerns to support effective stakeholder and risk management; and
  • meet requirements of international good practice.

The Procedure describes the scope and procedural steps for the complaint handling process and specifies roles and responsibilities of the parties involved. 

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The TCMP is designed to be accessible by affected individuals and community. TCMP allows stakeholders to raise questions or concerns with TSEZ’s activities and have them addressed in a prompt, transparent and respectful manner.   

Moreover, concerns of the communities are identified through monthly home visits, quarterly coordination meetings and the other direct contact with the local people in the area. Active engagement with affected communities is essential for the success of the SEZ.


Joint TSMC/MJTD Community Relations Team ( Administrators of TCMP)