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Water Supply

MJTD ensures a stable water supply to investors in Thilawa. Water is drawn from the nearby Zarmani Reservior and purified to industrial levels at our water treatment plant. The plant has a capacity of 6,000m3 per day and can be expanded in the future depending on demand.


Sewage Treatment System

MJTD provides investors with a centralised sewage treatment system. Pre-waste water from factories is transferred to the centralised treatment system where waste water is treated by a biological treatment system. The sewage treatment system has the capacity to treat 4,800m3 per day and can be expanded in the future depending on demand.











MJTD has built roads within Thilawa SEZ to facilitate movement of goods and people. A two-lane main road, with a width of eight metres each lane, has been built using reinforced concrete. A secondary two-lane road, with a width of five metres each lane, connects the SEZ to the main road.



Flood Control System

A flood control system has been installed in Thilawa SEZ. Reinforced concrete drainage pipe with manholes directs excess water into the retention canal along the main road and the retention pond at the end.