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August, 2017

One of the resident from relocation area requested to install speed bumps at the entrance of the village as the protection barrier.
( Request Date : 15.August)
MJTD already constructed two speed bumps at the entrance and junction of the relocation area. (Construction start date: 23.August & finished on 25. August)

One of the sub-subcontractor from TSEZ locator submitted complaint letter to MJTD which said his contractor cancelled the contract without advance notice. He had many lost on this case. (Reported on 25 August)
This case was beyond MJTD control level. So that MJTD handed over the case to TSMC and TSMC summoned to both parties to make negotiation. Finally the case had been closed on 28.August.



One of the PAP from relocation site requested to MJTD to support her in job accession. She would like to work in Garment factory. (Request Date: 6. September)
MJTD immediately created  the CV for that particular person, and already distributed to the TSEZ locators who make garment industry.

Meeting with leader of Zone B relocation area to set up working groups for management of electricity, water and garbage cleaning. Follow up meeting will be organized.  (Reported Date: 8th September)



Zone B Projected Affected Persons requested to have 100 households head for their relocation area. (Request Date: 2. October)
MJTD reported to TSMC as soon as the request had been received.  The 100 household head had been selected and appointed by the residents with the guidance of TSMC.
MJTD helps in organizing working team for the management of water and electricity used by Zone B relocation area. (Follow up action which was reported in September). 

Zone B Project Affected Persons requested to help in getting NRC card because some people didn't have NRC number.(Request Date: 2. October)
MJTD contacted to township immigration department and reported the request. Immigration department will follow up and take actions.

One of the PAP from Zone B relocation site reported to MJTD that the transformer was thunderstruck and could not use electricity.(Request Date: 11. October)
MJTD contacted to township electricity department and reported. Electricity department  had repaired the errors and case was closed out on 12. October.

The representative of PAPs reported that one of the house couln't use electricity.(Request Date: 16. October)
MJTD contacted to township electricity department and reported about error. Electricity department will follow up and take actions.