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Locators/contractors shall proceed with utilities application as shown in the General Flow Chart for Utilities Connection. Locators can apply for utilities connection from MJTD during construction work.

Note: Locators need to pay for connection charges before using the utilities, according to the Industrial Zone, Internal Regulation of Thilawa SEZ ( Zone A).

There are two steps to the application for the Water, Rainwater and Wastewater (Sewage) treatment. Step-1: Locators have to apply for an Approval Application for Utilities Connection Work and Step-2: Locators have to apply for an Application for Start of/Energize Utilities from MJTD. For power system, locators need to apply for Design Approval Application for Power System with Format DAAPS separately before getting connected. The rest of the process is identical to Step-1 and Step 2 stipulated above.