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Construction & Operation

Locators/contractors shall proceed with all the construction application as shown in the General Flow Chart. Approving authorities for the applications are indicated in blue in the flowchart.

 Application for Design Approval (Step 6 )

After signing the Land Sublease Agreement and settling payment in full to MJTD, Locators shall submit the Application for Design Approval document with Format-A to MJTD. MJTD will officially accept the documents if they are completed according to Exhibit-2 of Industrial Zone, Internal Regulations.

Application for Start of Construction (Step 8)

After the Building Permit and Fire Safety approval has been issued by TSMC, Locators shall submit the Application for Start of Construction document with Format-B to MJTD to begin construction.

If there are any changes in design during or upon completion of construction, Locators must inform MJTD and submit the Approval Application for Design Change to MJTD.

Application for Completion of Inspection (Step 11)

After obtaining the Building Completion Certificate from TSMC, Locators shall submit the Application for Completion of Inspection document with Format-C to MJTD.

Other Applications

Locators could begin temporary work (if any) by submitting a Temporary Work Application. Temporary work could include preparation for fence installation and machinery mobilization etc. after (Step-2) Reservation Agreement. However, foundation work can only start after gaining Start of Construction approval by MJTD.

Locators shall apply to MJTD for the Application for Survey Work after (Step-5) Land Sublease Agreement is signed if locator requires it for their reference.